Selections from The Technical Geekery Archives

3 minute read

This week I have been busy finishing up a project to clean up and reformat the archives of The Technical Geekery, a blog and website I maintained while I was in high school and through my early years of college. I’ve migrated from WordPress to Jekyll (the static blogging system that runs this site as well), cleaned up some posts with broken links and images, fixed line formatting, chose a more modern theme for the site, and upgraded the site to HTTPS. (Here’s why that’s important; as the US government says on that page, “Today, there is no such thing as non-sensitive web traffic.”)

The writing is tolerable but unsurprisingly not up to my present standards, and some of the posts are somewhat out of date (remember when you sometimes had to fine-tune your Google searches after typing them in to find things, rather than having the answer pop up before you even finished typing?), but many of the posts still hold some interest. There are about 100 pages and posts available for perusal. Here are some of the parts that stand out to me as largely up to date and still worth reading: