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(introductory post | category page)
How to effectively organize and work with files on your PC (or on a webserver or corporate network drive, or anywhere really).
Debugging in Real Life
(introductory post | category page)
How engineers transform software from broken to useful, and the many places this process and the insights we learn from it can be useful elsewhere in life.
(introductory post | category page)
Why it’s still valuable to know things in the digital age, and how you can make that easier.

Miscellaneous Categories

Posts that don’t make up large series fit in one of these categories. You can also view all posts by category.

(category page)
General thoughts about designing systems well, whether everyday or high-technology, and about dealing with badly designed systems.
(category page)
How to get everyday tasks done more quickly and easily, saving your energy for the things that really matter.
(category page)
On learning from mistakes and preventing undesirable things from happening.
(category page)
How modern technology affects our brains and our lives and how we might be able to avoid some of the negative effects.
(category page)
Suggestions and tools for making your tools and your life simpler. Simple things have fewer fancy features, but they often work better because there’s less to go wrong.