Case Studies in Writing Cards

17 minute read

In this post, we’ll look at three case studies of real things I added to my Anki collection recently and how I selected and wrote the cards.

Catching Up On Your Anki Reviews

18 minute read

Everyone gets behind on their reviews occasionally. Here are some strategies for getting back in Anki’s good graces when that happens.

Maintaining Your Collection

5 minute read

Maintenance might not be fun, but if you think doing maintenance isn’t fun, try not doing maintenance. Here’s a plan for keeping your collection neat...

Organizing Your Cards

15 minute read

If you start seriously using spaced repetition and add material from all areas of your life, it can get tricky to keep track of all your cards. Maybe...

Against Deadlines

7 minute read

I just counted: I have 205 tasks in my task manager – without my reading list, purchases list, or blog ideas list. And that’s only counting my pe...

Managing Temporary Files

9 minute read

So you’ve followed the tips in the design section of this series, and you have a nicely laid out, organized filesystem. That’s great when you know where ...

Why Keep a Local Filesystem?

8 minute read

I like to start out my series here on Control-Alt-Backspace by discussing why you should care about the topic. After all, if I can’t convincingly answer that...